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Breakthrough diesel, gas, oil and bitumen desulphurization decreases fuel carbon intensity by up to 50%. Sulphur remains a critical issue in the global biodiesel, marine fuels and Canadian bitumen industries.

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A renewable diesel and jet fuel delivers a 90% carbon intensity emissions reduction. FORGE forecasts a 25% improvement in margin on both price and cost and can be the low-cost provider in a mandated, high-growth global industry.

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Small-scale distributed hydrogen production for transportation and biogas upgrading. The Nu:ionic hydrogen solution allows hydrogen to be produced at potentially half the cost of delivered hydrogen.

IMTEX Membrane Technology Logo

Energy efficient light olefin and paraffin purification process. Imtex’s membrane technology delivers +30% reductions in the energy and capex to incumbent separation processes and reduces wasteful flaring practices.

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A novel drop-in nano emulsion fuel that significantly reduces emission profiles (CO2, NOx, SOx and PM) of diesel-powered internal combustion engines with proven consistency, stability and comparable shaft power.